Plastic Footprint Quiz

Unlike a calculator, our plastic footprint quiz provides a statistical assessment, and compares your impact to everyone else on the planet Earth. Plastic pollution is quickly becoming the most alarming environmental crisis today. Latest studies suggest that the impact of microplastics in our oceans are severely harming marine ecosystems. This problem is expected to grow considerably in the coming decades.


IntraRead doesn’t have predefined criteria. The results of our plastic footprint quiz are determined by your position compared to the regional and global average. We strongly believe that all exams and questionnaires like these must use reliable statistical data to provide an accurate assessment, and that’s what this test is designed to calculate. Plastic footprint quiz is similar to our environmental test, except that it focuses on your personal consumption more than anything else.


If possible stop using disposable plastics, and reduce your overall consumption by choosing alternatives that are biodegradable. When a plastic product is necessary, reuse it as much as possible. Recycling should generally be the last option. Another way to help is to write about it or pressure companies to use biodegradable alternatives. Approximately half a trillion plastic water bottles are thrown away each year, and another important thing to keep in mind are the carbon emissions from producing and incinerating plastics. Here you can learn more on this topic.

plastic bottles for the footprint quiz

Do you buy nylon clothes?

Do you buy single use plastic like plastic bags or plastic straws?

Do you own a reusable water bottle?

Are your utensils reusable or made out of wood?

How do you manage your plastic waste?

Do you throw plastic stuff like bottles or straws when outdoors?

How often do you consider your plastic footprint?

Do you avoid purchasing plastic even when cheaper than the alternatives?

When you see a plastic bottle in the grass, do you pick it up?

Do you avoid burning plastic?

Did you ever volunteer in an environmental project?

include regional stats?