Nomophobia Quiz Test & Smartphone Dependency

Nomophobia quiz is designed to test your smartphone dependency and compare your score to everyone else who did this quiz. Nomophobia is the phobia of being left without your smartphone for an extended period of time. It happens when someone experiences anxiety because of being unable to access a mobile phone. What’s important in this nomophobia quiz test is your position compared to the average test score. The static result is added just for fun, but the determining factor is your rank compared to everyone else. You may be nomophobic by the set standards, but if everyone else is far worse than you, then the standards are flawed. This is why we use statistics and the average score in all our tests. We believe that without it, each quiz is doomed to be subjective. That’s what makes this nomophobia test unique.

As a fairly new condition, most people are not familiar with the word, and there may be lots of people who don’t even know that some of the symptoms fall into this category. If you find this Nomophobia test useful, let us know on our social media page.

Is your smartphone the first thing you check in the morning?

How often do you check your phone on average?

Do you carry your phone with you?

Do you use your smartphone more than your PC?

Do you have a hard time concentrating if you don't check new notifications on your phone?

Would you be able to do your daily tasks without your smartphone?

Can you navigate without your smartphone GPS?

This test does not provide medical diagnosis. It is purely informational and should not be taken as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never rely on something you have read on the IntraRead site over professional medical advice when seeking treatment. If you think you may have a medical problem, call your doctor as soon as possible.

include regional stats?

You can learn more about Nomophobia and smartphone addiction here. Nomophobia is often described as a modern age phobia of being unplugged from the internet via your smartphone which is understandable since today we use smartphones to communicate with others, to store our data, to access crucial information and the list goes on. This is why many argue that it’s not fair to label it as a phobia since the fear is somewhat justified, and being cut off from friends and family would certainly be a problem for many people.

Still the phenomenon is real, be it fobia or not. We are becoming increasingly dependent on our smartphones to the point where we can’t normally function without this technology. Irrational reactions expressed in places where mobile phones are prohibited are surely not normal and may be a sign of increased nomophobia. Another example is spending too much money buying stuff that you don’t need just because the offer shows up on your smartphone, or getting frustrated when you have no new messages on your phone. This is why people today are often wondering, do I have a nomophobia? Am I nomophobic? And so on.

Regardless of the classification, this nomophobia quiz relies on statistical data and regional averages to measure the extent of dependency rather than to diagnose the condition. The reading questionnaire is designed to assess both the dependency and the obsession and the first graph in results will show you which of those two is prevailing in your case. But as noted before, the most important factor in quiz results is your position compared to the average score.