Martian Quiz Test

This martian quiz will assess how well you would be suited to live on Mars as a colonist. It’s not uncommon to ask these days, should I go to Mars? Hence the quiz. But unlike most quizzes, this one will compare you to the rest of the test subjects via accurate charts and graphs. Good way to figure out who would be the best martian. With SpaceX making impressive advances in the space industry, it’s certainly a thing to watch for in the near future. Of course, a martian quiz like this is not meant to qualify or disqualify anyone, it simply uses certain criteria based on assumed quality of life in the first years of Mars colonization. In case you’d like to suggest additional questions, please let us know on twitter or facebook. Now, to the test!

Do you tend to stay home being busy with whatever you love to do or do you prefer to go outside and enjoy the outdoors?

Do you mind spending lots of time in a small room with the same people every day?

How important is privacy to you? Would you mind being surveilled 24h a day?

How dependent are you on your cell phone or social media?

How often do you get irritated?

Do you believe we should colonize space?

Do you have a problem following orders and respecting strict rules?

How attached are you to your family or friends?

Would you go to Mars for a 4 year mission if you could?

How important is good food for you? Could you eat the same untasty food for days in a row?

For how much time do you keep your room windows open on average?

Are you claustrophobic

How do you handle stressful situations?

include regional stats?