American Liberalism Test Quiz

American liberalism test uses reliable statistics to show you how liberal you are compared to everyone else on the planet on both regional and global scale. The quiz score alone is not what determines the extent of your liberalism. It’s the difference between your score and the average score that more accurately demonstrates your adherence to this ideology. Since this is an American liberalism test quiz, you should read regional statistics for a more reliable assessment. The more people submit the test to our platform, the more accurate become both the average score and the assessment of your adherence, as well as the global and regional statistics found in our records.

Should the government raise taxes on the rich?

Should misgendering someone be a crime?

Misgendering is when you refer to someone using a pronoun that's different from the gender with which they identify.

Do you support slavery reparations?

Slavery reparations is a proposal that some type of compensation should be provided to the descendants of slaves usually by transfering wealth from people of European descent to people of African descent in one form or the other.

Should government-subsidized healthcare be offered to illegal immigrants?

Should gay couples be given the same adoption rights as straight couples?

Social justice is more important than meritocracy

Social justice promotes redistribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges from ethnic groups that generally live well to ethnic groups that generally don't, regardless of individual performance, talent or effort in order to balance the disparities between ethnic groups.
Meritocracy argues that talent, effort, and achievement should determine the success of every individual regardless of their social class or ethnic group.

Should the government be allowed to seize private property for public or civic use?

Should the federal government confiscate assault weapons?

Should the wind power industry be given government subsidies and tax credits?

What is your position on abortion?

The government should force companies to employ equal amount of men and women

Hate speech should be illegal

There are more than two genders

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