Eudaimonia Quiz - Quality of Life

Eudaimonia quiz is designed to test your quality of life and find how you compare to everyone else. It takes into account your physical and mental wellbeing, your social and financial standing as well as the state of your mind. Eudaimonia is more than just happiness or life satisfaction. Similar to Ikigai, eudaimonic happiness requires mission and passion in life among other things, a reason for being. In one word, purpose.

Like all of our tests, this Eudaimonia quiz will rank your quality of life with other test submissions in order to generate an extensive assessment. It is your position to the average score that matters, rather than the actual score.

Do you have a physical health problem that affects your daily life?

Are you happy with your own body?

Do you have a mental health problem that affects your daily life?

How often do you get angry?

Do you have friends you can truly trust?

How often do you go out with your friends?

Do you love your family?

Do you love your parents?

Are you in a relationship or are you single?

Your income is:

Do you enjoy what you do for a living?

If you were unemployed, would you still do your current job even if it didn’t make you any money?

Are you still trying to achieve your dreams?

include regional stats?