Modern Environmentalism Test

Ever wondered what kind of environmentalist you are? Have you ever done a quiz only to learn nothing about yourself? Well unlike most quizes, this new environmentalism test will tell you exactly how ecologically conscious you are compared to everyone else who tested here.

IntraRead doesn’t have a static criteria. The criteria is determined by the average score of all unique tests submitted on our platform. In a sense, your own test score will influence the same criteria. When reading the statistics it’s important to focus on the average score on all charts and graphs. What determines your environmentalism test performance is your position relative to the global and regional average. We believe that every test must incorporate statistical data to make a correct assessment and that’s what we do here.

In addition you’ll find a map where you can see an average score for each region. Our hope is that through regional competition people will strive to improve their views on ecology and environment. If you find yourself below the global average, don’t worry too much about it. You can’t be the best in everything. So go on, reply honestly and see where you stand.

Should we phase out the fossil fuel industry?

Should we ban the production of plastic?

Should we subsidize clean energy?

Should we use more Nuclear Power to reduce carbon emissions?

Should we ban industrialized fishing?

Should we switch to electric cars?

How do you manage your waste?

Do you throw plastic bottles or other plastic stuff when outdoors?

How often do you consider your carbon footprint?

Do you avoid buying plastic when alternatives are more expensive?

When you see a plastic bottle in the grass, do you pick it up?

Do you avoid burning plastic?

Did you ever volunteer in an environmental project?

include regional stats?