Curiosity Quiz and Motivation Assessment

Curiosity quiz is designed to evaluate your propensity for imagination and creativity. Your willingness to face the unknown, to be curious, to question everything, including your own convictions. Your devotion to veracity and adherence to empirical truths. Your courage when meeting strangers and traveling outside of your safety zone. This all will affect your curiosity quiz score, and as with all our questionnaires, you will be able to compare your stats to everyone else in your region. Remember to answer each question honestly in order to get the correct assessment of your curiosity quiz test.

Like all our character trait tests, this one is a personality compass. A sort of survey backed by statistical data we collect over time. The more people are tested, the more accurate the quiz stats become. If you ever asked yourself how curious am I? This is the test for you. Here you can discover the level of your curiosity and compare it to everyone else who was curious enough to do the same.

Derived from the word curio, which means intriguing, is a trait defined by critical thinking, exploration and learning in the desire to gain more knowledge and more information. Curiosity is credited to human development in science, literature and engineering. And that’s what this quiz is designed to measure.

You can find more literature on this subject here.

Do you like solving problems?

Do you question your own beliefs and conviction?

Do you generally hang out with the same people?

Do you like to do things your own way?

Are you interested in natural sciences?

Are you interested in computing and information technology?

I don’t care how technology works as long as it works.

Are you satisfied with your current skill set?

Do you get bored from time to time?

include regional stats?