American Conservatism Test

Conservatism test uses statistical methods to make an accurate assessment of how conservative you are compared to everyone else, both globally and regionally. The test score alone is not the determining factor. It’s your position relative to the average that more accurately assesses the extent of your political leanings. Since this is an American conservatism test, the results may not resemble the same ideology in your region. Still, the regional statistics will give you a better estimate than the global statistics, even if you are not from the USA.

This conservatism test is not based on any political party like the Republican Party. Though it’s true that Republican voters will generally have a higher score in this test, than the Independent or the Democrat voters, in most cases at least.

Conservatism in the United States

American conservatism differs from conservative ideologies in other parts of the world. For example, in USA conservatives strongly favor small government, deregulation and free market, which is often not the case in other parts of the world. And of course, there are topics that may not even be on the table in other countries, like the second amendment rights. Still it’s fair to say that despite these significant differences, most conservative ideologies in the world have more in common than not.

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Conservatism Test Symbol

What is your position on abortion?

The government should force companies to employ equal amount of men and women

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in women's sports?

The government should decrease regulations for small and large businesses to stimulate the economy

The government should lower taxes for large companies to keep them in the country

Immigrants should be required to demonstrate advanced understanding of country’s language, history and laws before being accepted

Every government should put its own citizens and country before everyone else

Individual rights are more important than the collective

Should the government be allowed to seize private property for public or civic use?

Should citizens be allowed to buy and bear arms?

Freedom of speech is the most important human right

Freedom of speech includes hate speech

Everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty no matter how obvious the case may seem

include regional stats?