Kindness Test Quiz

This kindness quiz test is a simple exam with short questions that measure selflessness and other elements of benevolence. Kindness without selflessness may involve some amount of personal interest, motiv, agenda or profit making it less altruistic and less honest. Selflessness without kindness on the other hand may involve a certain amount of cruelty and neglect despite doing a greater good.

While making profit by doing good stuff may be the best thing an individual can do, not only because that individual does good things, but because by making it profitable he/she assures that the good work is sustainable. That being said, this kindness test measures the amount of these variables, and so an individual that's more modest and more generous will naturally be more benevolent. Whether in our world an absolute kindness is better than reasonably high or even moderate kindness is up to you.

By definition it is the disposition to be altruistic, well meaning and kind. It is considered an important ethical virtue in most philosophies, religions and cultures.

This kindness quiz provides advanced statistics based on all unique test submissions made in the last 12 months, both regional and global. This way we can show you how far behind or how far above the current average your kindness really is.

Do you help strangers in trouble?

When you find a bug in your home (pests excluded), do you squash it or do you take it outside?

Would you risk your life to save a dog or a cat?

Do you forgive people who wrong you?

Do you talk negatively about people when they're not around?

How do you react when someone damages your property unintentionally?

How do you react when someone says something negative about you when you're not around?

How do you feel when a date rejects you?

If you had to choose between [become all powerful] and [peace and happiness for everyone except yourself] what would you choose?

Do you cry when you watch a sad movie scene?

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Kindness test symbolized in a purple heart

Why is Kindness important?

More literature on kindness as a character trait can be found here.

It’s important to understand that kindness is beneficial not only to people you are gentle and kind to, but to yourself as well. Being cruel and unkind will always lead to meanness being reflected back onto you. Likewise, being considerate and thoughtful towards others will more often than not make them return the same.

Affection and love are the most powerful emotions for a good reason. We prosper when we have friends, and when we help those in need. Hate on the other hand, though powerful, can’t last. It will destroy anyone from the inside out, and the fact that it’s very unhealthy shows that even on a biological level we should avoid hatred whenever possible.