Anthrozoology Test - You and Animals Quiz

Anthrozoology Test Quiz will assess your appreciation of other animals compared to everyone else who did this test in the past twelve months. Anthrozoology deals with interactions between humans and other animals, with human perceptions of other animals, how some animals fit into human societies, and so on. The quiz relies on the average score of all submissions. This Anthrozoology test does not tell you whether you are appreciative of other animals, but rather how appreciative you are compared to everyone else on the globe. The goal here is not to reach the maximum test score, and it’s possible that the score most beneficial to Animals kingdom is slightly below the maximum.

Do you support factory farming?

Factory farming is a type intensive animal farming designed to maximize production by raising animals packed together in very small confined spaces.

Should Humans be allowed to own pets?

Do you eat meat?

Do you support legal hunting?

Do you ever buy clothes made of animal skin or fur?

What do you do when you see a malnourished cat

Do you support fishing?

Do you support using animals for testing?

Should we have zoos?

When you find a bug in your home (pests excluded), do you squash it or do you take it outside?

Do you have a pet that you love?

Is Human life more important than the life of a Gorilla from endangered species?

include regional stats?