IntraRead uses an advanced character test approach to find out how you rank globally and compare your score to everyone else on the globe by generating accurate statistical data over longer periods of time. IntraRead character tests take two values into account. The first value is the measurement of the subject matter of the test while the second value represents the measurement of the underlying factors. For example, Joe who is skydiving every week is normally seen as courageous, unless it's later found that Joe also demonstrates a certain level of irrationality. Someone who doesn't fear heights needs less courage to skydive than someone who is absolutely terrified of heights. That's why it’s important to distinguish these test anomalies and IntraRead was designed to do that.

Advanced Character Test

Benevolence Test

Courage Test

Honesty Test

You shouldn't aim to reach the 100 score as the bar is set unnaturally high. In order to get a correct analysis of your character trait it's important to provide an answer based on your past rather than how you would act now or in the future. These tests are anonymous and no private information is included in your submission so you don't have to worry about someone reading your choices. We don’t even store cookies in your browser, and that should tell you everything.


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