An accurate test must take into account the average score of all tested users to avoid being subjective, and that’s what IntraRead is all about. This platform does not tell you who you are based on some static rules set by the test creator, but rather on dynamic standards set by all assessed subjects in the last twelve months. It’s your position relative to the average score that more accurately assesses who and what you really are.

American Conservatism

American Liberalism

Environmentalism Test

These tests are based on tenets that adherents of each political philosophy promoted in 2018, rather than what these political philosophies promote in theory. Since these tests are based on American politics, they might not reflect the conservatism & liberalism in other countries.

Benevolence Test

Courage Test

Honesty Test

The goal in these tests is not to reach the best score as the bar is set very high. In order to get a correct assessment of your character traits it's best to give an answer based on your past, rather than how you think you will behave in the future. Since your answers are not stored, and no private information is included in these test submission, you don't have to worry about someone else reading your results.

Newest Tests

Anthrozoology Test

Martian Test

Plastic Footprint

Nomophobia Test

Orthosomnia Test

Eudaimonia Test

Curiosity Test

Rationality Test

Education Tests

Quantum Mechanics Test

Education tests are time limited. Above a certain limit, every consecutive second negatively affects your test score. Alt-tabbing or defocusing from the test window will flag your test. You'll still be able to see your score, but it won't be added into our stats. The same goes for repeating the test twice, even when it's done from another IP-address.


What is the purpose of IntraRead?

The purpose of IntraRead is to measure the state of Benevolence, Courage and Honesty on a global and regional scale, including political ideologies like American Conservatism and American Liberalism, while providing users an accurate assessment of the current state of their mindset. By sorting collective scores each month we are able to tell if, for example, Benevolence is globally rising or falling. Such statistics can be of incredible value to the world. The hope is that through regional competition people will strive to become more honest, courageous and benevolent.

Will there be more tests in the future?

We are preparing tests to measure global education in a wide range of academic fields, including Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, History and Biology. In addition, we plan to implement user generated tests so you can create your own tests backed by the same graphs and statistics.

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